Apartment Reviews for Vivante Apartments in Hayward

4.4 | 5 Reviews

26609 Gading Road, Hayward, CA, 94544
(510) 200-7370


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@Doggy TaleBone Why don't you put a picture & a name & tell management yourself. I have lived here for 3 years and Aurelia & Patricia & Sofia have been nothing but good to me. So, maybe it's just you. If you know ANYTHING about property management and I'm assuming you don't. Employees get benefits & PERKS. Whether it be parking WHEREVER THE HELL they want because THEY ARE ALLOWED TO. As for tow truck being called if YOU KNOW your're not supposed to park there WHY ON EARTH would YOU park there (even if it's for a little bit)? YOU WILL GET TOWED. The towing company works for THEM not for YOU! So if towing "mistakenly" tows one of the EMPLOYEES cars because they have several cars not just 1 car, the EMPLOYEES "Perk" is for towing to let the car down WITHOUT PAYING A FEE. It's DIFFERENT FOR RESIDENTS. AGAIN, GET YOUR facts straight! IT "S A PERK IF THOSE EMPLOYEES WORK FOR THAT MANAGEMENT. Let's say they get "free rent" you're going to expect them to pay rent because YOU have to? NO! That's NOT how it works! You want to get the same "MANAGERIAL" perks as they do THEN WORK THERE! If you work in retail and YOU get a discount of 50% and one of the employees from the property goes to YOUR store and asks you for that 50% and you say NO "because it's only for employees" and they say " well its not fair blah blah blah", then you're contradicting yourself. & there is no "constant bending of the rules" it's THERE rules. Like it or not then get out of these apartments. As for the shooting "catering" to the residents they still live there meaning they aren't going to be treated ANY DIFFERENTLY than they treat YOU. IT"S FAIR HOUSING. But you wouldn't know nothing about that since you're not in property management. Bring all your 15 tenants to "light" and let's see how "far" you guys go. People like you need to go. You complain and complain YET you're still here. Absurd.

I moved into Vivante in April 2019, and may I say what a great property. The below reviews I would not believe them at all. Managment has been a great help...

Weve lived here for a while now and were pretty comfortable here units are clean and we really dont have kids going around destroying property , property can be a little mess sometimes (laundry facilities) but it is always cleaned up never had any problems with bad big pieces of trash or animal feces , and not as safe as before ... havent seen security or Gate closed in a while but other than that the property is great and comfortable never had any run ins with other neighbors or bad neighbors who dont follow rules according to lease all very respectful , kids will sometimes be loud or quite annoying as we have kids ourselves but kids will be kids !

There are no longer venetian terrace there are VIVANTE APARMENT HOMES with brand New management and maintenance crew and On site laundry, pool , and newly renovated homes